Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Online Ordering Launched Today

As of today, online ordering is now available through my Stampin' Up! website!! Located in the top right-hand corner of every page is a "Shop Now" button where you can browse through Stampin' Up!s current products and place your order.

Some things for you to know:

** For a short time, during the roll-out period of this new service, online ordering is only available through Demonstrator websites. So, don't forget to bookmark my website while you are there!

** After the initial roll-out period, there will be three options available for placing online orders.

1. If a customer orders through a demonstrator's website, they will enjoy normal catalog prices as well as minimum shipping prices. They can also earn Stampin' Rewards (Hostess Benefits) on orders over $150.

2. If a customer places an order directly through Stampin Up!s website and chooses a demonstrator in their area, they will pay the same catalog prices. However, they will pay a more expensive minimum shipping fee and will not be eligible for Stampin' Rewards.

3. Finally, if a customer places an order on Stampin' Up!s website and chooses to have no contact with a demonstrator, they will pay a premium price on the catalog merchandise (about 10 percent higher), higher minimum shipping fees, and will not receive Stampin' Rewards.

Normally, as an extra incentive, I offer a 10% discount to all new customers who have never placed an order with me. However, if you place your order online, the new process does not have a way for me to include this discount. Therefore, if you would like to receive the 10% discount on your initial order, I will have to place your order the old way...on a Customer order form. Please contact me for details.

While online ordering is a wonderful option, it cannot replace the hands-on service that I will continue to give to you. I will always be available to answer your questions, teach you new techniques and help you in any way that you need.


Web CRM said...

well this is good move

plastic business card said...


I think there are so many people like to order online because mostly people save their's time.

Carol Sisk said...

I'm glad Stampin' Up! made online ordering available, and I agree that it is more convenient for many people. I prefer to order things online also, especially around the holidays :)