Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't Worry...Be Happy!!

In 1988 when this song was popular, I was going through a very rough time emotionally.  This song became my motto. I was so obsessed that I bought a big smiley-face t-shirt with the song title and earrings to match.  Whenever I was feeling lonely and blue I would play this song (very loudly) on my stereo and sing and dance around in my apartment. Pretty soon I would start to feel better, although I'm sure my neighbor's probably thought I was crazy.

I no longer have the shirt or earrings, I guess I got rid of them when things started getting better in my life.  A couple of years ago I found a cute Be Happy button, and I bought it without knowing what I was going to do with it.  Today I watched Cool 2 Craft's live show and Candace made a lovely bracelet from her grandmother's vintage buttons.  I have a lot of vintage buttons, but none of them would work for what I wanted to make, so I pulled out my "bright" button jar and came across my Be Happy button.  My button has found a home at last and I again have something to wear if I ever feel the need to dance around the house again...lol.

Here's my new "Be Happy, Don't Worry" Bracelet
:-D  It Makes me Happy  :-D
:-D  I hope this post makes you happy too  :-D


Candace Jedrowicz said...

Oh my goodness, Carol! I just love this! You actually recycled happiness, and that makes you a fabulous Queen of Green!

LilPenny said...

That bracelet is so cool! Love it!

Tiffany Windsor said...

Super cool bracelet Carol! Thanks for playing at Cool2Craft!

K Andrew said...

Carol--I love this--and I had that SAME t-shirt--no I'm not joking! I love your happy positive attitude!
Thank you for visiting my blog today--and your sweet comment!

Big Cricky Hugs,
K Andrew